Our Magic by Maskelyne and Devant

Our Magic by Maskelyne and Devant


bibliophile Rarität der magischen Vordenker


Nicht nur für den Historiker, sondern auch für den prktizierenden Künstler von großem Interesse:
Die Originalshow mit allen Tricks und Geheimnissen ausführlich gezeichnet und beschrieben!

This remarkable work was written by Nevil Maskelyne, of the world-famous “England’s Home of Mystery,” and David Devant, who was unquestionably the greatest of English magicians.

Books by magicians who have reached the top in their profession are rare indeed, and no work on magic has ever had more distinguished authorship than ONr Magic. In Parts I and II are the principles of sound conjuring as formulated by Messrs. Maskelyne and Devant through their many years of professional ex-perience. In Part III (which comprises about half of the book) the reader is taught by David Devant him¬self twelve of the choicest items from that celebrated magician’s own program, with full details of prepara-tions, stage directions, and in some instances every word of the delightful patter used by Mr. Devant.

The practical value of ONr Magic is indicated by these abridged comments:

PROFESSOR HOFFMANN (Author, Modern Magic, More Magic, Later Magic):
“It is not merely a book without which, in popular phrase, no con¬jurer’s library is complete, but it deserves the place of honor on his shelves.”

JOHN MUIJHOllAND (Editor, The Sphinx):
“One of the best books ever written on magic.”

SIDNEY W. CLARKE (Author, The Annals of Conjllring):
“A very grammar of the higher magic.”

ROBERTSON KEENE (Noted English magician and author):
“In Our Magic will be found the whole basis upon which the conjuring performer should¬in fact, mNst-build his performance if he wishes to be of any consequence at all in the magical world,”

ELLIS STANYON (In his monthly journal, Magc):
“Beyond doubt, the most important conjuring book ever written.”

Cintents of the book include
o The Real Secrets of Magic
o The Three Degrees in Art
o Unity
o Consistency
o Justification
o Surprise and Repetition
o Effects of Transition
o Climax
o Presentation
o Rehearsal
o Speed in Presentation
o Patter
o Stage Manner and Personality
o Mental Attitude
o The Importance of Artistic Principles
o Terminology
o General Analysis
o Misdirection
o Styles of Magic
o Manipulative Principles
o Principles of Mental Magic
o Mechanical Principles
o Optical Principles
o Acoustic Principles
o Electrical Principles
o Chemical and Molecular Principles
o Magical Inventions

Sie bekommen:
das neuwertige Buch, Hardcover, Format ca. 16 x 23 cm, fest in Efalin gebunden, zweifarbiger Schutzumschlag, 312 Seiten, viele sehr schöne Zeichnungen
Lee Jacobs Production, 1992 Edition

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