Cocktail Card Magic v. Bill Abbott

Cocktail Card Magic v. Bill Abbott


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‘Walk around stand-up magic’ – auf gut deutsch:
Von Stehtisch zu Stehtisch, ohne große Vorbereitung ohne vom Gastgeber vorgestellt worden zu sein, ist eine der größten zaubertechnischen Herausforderungen.
Bill Abbott gibt Ihnen hier erprobte Kartenroutinen mit Vortägen an die Hand.Lustig, spannend, kurzweilig und ohne große Präparation!

All around you are people that seem to know each other. They’re laughing, engrossed in conversation, busy eating and drinking. You on the other hand are hired to ‘entertain’ these busy people with your magic, and at that precise moment you wish you could be anywhere else. One thing is keeping you from disappearing from the party.

You’ve been paid to be there.

Walk-around magic, strolling magic, roving magic, mingling sorcery, cocktail conjuring, etc. It has been given many names but it all boils down to the same thing, crashing people’s otherwise meaningful conversations and consummation of expensive food and alcohol, with your magic. Contents:
– Forward – by David Acer
– The Art Of Cocktail Magic
– Blockbuster
– Autograph
– Invisible Origins Revealed
– Ultra-Mental Mingling

Pages – 26 -Black and White photos and full color cover – Saddle Stitched

Praise For Cocktail Card Magic…
“Bill Abbott’s Cocktail Card Magic gets my highest recommendation. Bill’s objective is to entertain his audiences, use methods that work under fire and he takes the responsibility of making magic fun very seriously. His advice about working walk-around gigs is advice I think everyone should read. It’s worth much more than the price of the book. The routines are all top notch and it’s easy to see that they have been polished over thousands of performances. The one issue I have with the book is that Bill decided to dedicate it to Bob Sheets and not me. If you can overlook that, buy this book.”
Bill Malone – CEO Of Comedy Magic

“I love this book. Bill has nailed the essence of that often awkward position we have to fill. His words of advice on how to handle yourself in that (sometimes) uncomfortable situation of cocktail magic, is worth the price of the book and the routines are inspired. I love it that Bill has figured out that the trick is not the thing… but that it is the ‘ringmaster of fun’ that is the real reason for us being there. I hope that this way of thinking inspires more of the workers out there to pack lots of visual and fun magic into a short window.”
Doc Eason – 2004 Bar Magician of the Year

“Bill Abbott has finally drawn important distinctions regarding performing in cocktail-party settings, doing it succinctly, concisely, and with clarity and good humor. The way this book looks and reads immediately draws you in and makes you care about the ‘right stuff’ for the ‘right people’ in the ‘right places.’ Add “sharp focus” (your own), stir gently, and serve.”
– Jon Racherbaumer – Author and Cocktail-Party Crasher

“Bill Abbott’s “Cocktail Magic” is one of the finest values available today for the working, walk around performer. Bill’s theory on performing in a cocktail environment is worth ten times the price of the booklet. I have been working cocktails for over 15 years and I still learned some very valuable information from Bill’s book that I will apply directly to my craft. The effects in the manual are absolute killers. Each effect contains a script, funny lines, great bits of business and smart psychology. The effects are all instantly repeatable with little or no reset, which is of prime importance for the working pro. Bottom line, if you are at all interested in the field of Cocktail Magic, either as a beginner or as a seasoned pro…GET THIS BOOK!”
– Richard Sanders – Canada’s Other Favorite Magician

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