Dai Vernon: A Biography v. David Benn

Dai Vernon: A Biography v. David Benn


Das Leben des ‘Professors’ von 1894 – 1941 in Wort und Bild

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Dieses Buch hat längst schon geschrieben werden müssen, ist es doch dem Mann gewidmet, der unser komplettes zauberisches Denken geprägt und beeinflusst hat: dem ‘Professor’ Dai Vernon. Hier finden Sie sein Leben, Wirken und Schaffen in den Jahren 1894 – 1941 spannend vorgestellt.

Dass diese Biografie auch noch gut ist, mögen Sie den vielen begeisterten Kommentaren der amerikanischen Fachpresse weiter unten entnehmen.

Dieses Buch ist super aufgemacht, fest gebunden in Efalin und Leinen mit silbernem Prägedruck, versehen mit einem vierfarbigen Schutzumschlag. Es hat 364 Seiten, ca. 40 bis dahin unbekannte Fotos und ein sehr ausführliches Register.

Dieses Buch gehört in jede Zauberbibliothek!

Advance praise has been loud and long for Dai Vernon: A Biography, the most highly anticipated magic book of the year.

“A marvelously told story for anyone interested in magic history or in the absorbing life of, arguably, its greatest star.”
-Michael Claxton
MAGIC Magazine

“This book is a compelling read and an example of scholarship that will likely survive as the Vernon biography. It surely ranks among the very best of magic biographies and autobiographies given us to enjoy.”
-Stephen Minch

“David Ben brings this new character back from history and very much to life in his marvelous tale. Combining meticulous research, a deep understanding of the workings of magic, and broad insight into magic’s artistic history, Mr. Ben turns out to have been an ideal candidate to assume the undeniably daunting task of telling magicians a story of immense importance.”
-Jamy Ian Swiss

Dai Vernon turned the clandestine world of conjuring on its ear with virtuoso sleight-of-hand and a dogged pursuit for perfection.

Born in 1894 in Ottawa, the son of a Canadian civil servant, Vernon moved to New York – Manhattan – in 1915, and never looked back. Miracles flowed from his fingertips – effortlessly. The source of his secrets? The underworld and the gamblers, hustlers and con-men that roamed back-room dens of iniquity, bunked in jail cells and walked the streets of America. Vernon sought them out, befriended them, and made their work, their covert methods, his. This book, the first in-depth examination of Vernon’s life, traces the first half of his remarkable journey – through Ottawa, Coney Island, Chicago, Manhattan, Kansas City and Colorado Springs – and the celebrities – Houdini, Billy Rose, and Roosevelt, that Vernon encountered along the way.

Dai Vernon: A Biography also details the evolution of magic in the 20th century. From the stages of London and Paris to the back rooms of magic emporiums where secrets were bought and sold, Vernon’s life and work escort the reader through vaudeville, Broadway theaters, grand magic spectaculars, New York nightspots and the dawn of television. Here, cornerstones of the craft have been laid bare for all to see.

The book overflows with information – new, never-before-published tales and details – and insights into the secret world of sleight-of-hand, a world in which Vernon was the unquestionable king, a world in which his influence will forever be felt.

Hardbound, 370 pages with over 40 rare photographs and a full-color dust jacket. A Squash Publishing release.

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das Buch, fest gebunden, 366 Seiten, über 40 bisher unbekannte Fotos

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