Svenlops 50 black, Svengali Envelops

Svenlops 50 black, Svengali Envelops

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leichtes Forcieren kleinerer Gegenstände

Sie wissen, was ein Svengali Kartenspiel ist?
Eine der genialsten Erfindungen mit unerhört vielen Möglichleiten.

Dann stellen Sie sich bitte ‘Svengali Briefumschläge’ vor: Kleine, schwarze Briefumschläge, in die gerade eine Spielkarte – Pokersize – passt. 50 Stück auf einem Stapel und der Zuschauer hebt genau da ab, wo..!
Oder Sie riffeln durch die Umschläge und jemand sagt ‘stopp’ – genau da, wo..!

Können Sie sich vorstellen, was für ein Potenzial in diesem Set steckt?
Nicht wirklich?
Die sehr ausführliche Anleitung enthält jede Menge Vorschläge, Gott sei Dank nicht nur für den Kartenliebhaber, sondern auch für den Mentalmagier. Denn wer sagt denn, dass immer nur Spielkarten in den Kuverts sein müssen?
Es können Geldscheine, Horoskope, Brieflein oder einfach nur Visitenkarten sein.
Denken Sie mal drüber nach!

P.S.: Jetzt (Mitte August 2017) ist im Internet eine 90seitige Sammlung von Routinen erschienen. Sie bekommen den Linke mitgeliefert!

CONCEPT – Tried, True and Tested! The Svengali principle is one of the oldest forcing principles in magic and mentalism. From beginners to experienced pros, almost everyone uses this principle – either in the form of svengali cards or svengali pads or svengali books. But these svengali cards, pads, books have now become too common and ubiquitous. Enter Svenlopes. A pack of svengali envelopes which will now add an extra layer of deception to the classic svengali force.

QUALITY – We wouldn’t sell them if they weren’t! Svenlopes are precision laser cut envelopes manufactured using auto digital process. Top quality paper of optimal gsm is used for making Svenlopes. The force is along the length of the envelopes. The difference in alternate envelopes is totally imperceptible. The almost insane level of quality control allows you to concentrate fully on your presentation rather than on the props.

TESTING – Prior To Shipping: Svenlopes are individually hand tested for both making and handling before being packed.

PACKING – Attention To Detail! Each pack of Svenlopes comes out with a 2-level packing. This ensures that the pack is tamper-proof and more importantly keeps the envelope corners intact and prevents getting crushed in transit. So you get a fresh and crisp set of Svenlopes.

ROUTINES – While No Routines Are Included With the Product. Almost any routines out there for standard svengali cards and/or SvenPad’s and KOD pads (also available at Stevens Magic) can also be performed with Svenlopes – with an added layer of deception. In fact, when a spectator chooses one envelope out of 50, she can freely handle the single envelope as there is nothing apparently gimmicked about it. Not just that, the spectator can freely handle the pack of Svenlopes by giving it multiple complete cuts and then choosing the top envelope anytime. But as many of you know, there is a tremendous amount of applicable routines, and an exponential amount of possibilities limited only to one’s imagination.

A pack of 50 Svenlopes in black color with box packing containing 25 normal and 25 force envelopes.
A 19-Page detail containing several possible effects that you can incorporate using this incredibly versatile gimmick!

A BIG advantage of using a pack of Svenlopes is that your FIELD OF PLAY extends FAR BEYOND just playing cards or svengali force pads. With Svenlopes you can start using ACTUAL OBJECTS like poker chips, coins, keys, billets, photos of movie stars or music icons or wanted criminals etc, mini greeting cards, stamps, lotto tickets, travel tickets, tarot cards, symbol cards, alphabet cards, picture cards, mini movie posters, number cards, business cards, id cards etc etc…the applications are actually UNLIMITED…limited only by your imagination. And the beauty is NONE of the OBJECTS need to be gimmicked because the Svenlopes pack takes care of that.

A BIGGER advantage of using a pack of Svenlopes is that UNLIKE svengali playing cards or svengali force pads, you DO NOT have to consume a different pack for each different routine. Just one single Svenlopes pack can be used for multiple routines with multiple objects. Simply take out the earlier objects and replace with whatever new objects you want to do a routine with. So no RECURRING expense for a long time.

The biggest advantage of using a pack of Svenlopes is that YOUR svengali magic will get elevated from a mere toy, to which the svengali principle has unfortunately been reduced, to the status of a great deceptive tool, which the svengali principle deserves. Svenlopes achieve that for you.

Ask Yourself? Could you make this product to the level of quality and consistency for $25? Impossible. This is well worth the price just from a manufacturing standpoint alone, not to mention the incredible value you can get from this item – Neal Scryer

Sie bekommen:
50 schwarze Umschläge in einer Box plus eine ausführliche englischsprachige Anleitung – auf Wunsch auch deutschsprachig.
Angegebenes Versandgewicht entspricht nicht dem tatsächlichen Gewicht.

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