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Zauberzentrale München Willkommen in der Welt der Wunder

Rafael Benatar

Was der venezolanische Zauberkünstler, Rafael Benatar, zum Zauberzentrale-Fragebogen zu sagen hat:

  1. About Magic
    1. Wie kamen Sie zur Zauberkunst?

      No magic box story here. I had magic around me as a kid. My father did some tricks and had books and he became friends with famous magician Gran Henry (then Henry el Mago) who had arrived in Caracas from Spain and became a household name in Venezuela. But I really started later, in my mid twenties, after a trip with my father to the Magic Castle. I was studying music in London and took with me a few books from my father's library. For some time without meeting other magicians. I learned the cups and many card moves and tricks from books.

    2. Können Sie sich noch an Ihr erstes Kunststück erinnern?

      A packet trick with red dots on blank cards, using equivoque. It was given to me by Gran Henry, from his shop. I think he attributed it to Slydini.

    3. Welcher Zauberkünstler hat Sie bislang am meisten beeindruckt?

      Martin Nash at the Magic Castle, long before I became an amateur magician. When I first performed at the Castle, he was there and we became friends. Also Doug Henning when I saw his Broadway show as a kid.

    4. Was war für Sie das spannendste Seminar oder der interessanteste Kongress?

      Jornadas Cartomágicas del Escorial, FFFF, 31 Faces North and, recently, the German Card Workshop. I prefer small gatherings of high level where you interact with most people.

    5. Haben Sie einen aktuellen Lieblingstrick?

      Invisible Card (my version of Marlo and Damico's Devilish Miracle). Also You and I (my take on a Patrick page trick). The cups and balls.

    6. Welche drei (Zauber-)bücher würden Sie gerne auf eine einsame Insel mitnehmen?

      Greater Magic
      Tamariz's Magic Rainbow
      (Books that I don't know well enough and that have a lot to explore on, to keep me busy).

    7. Gibt es etwas, was Sie an Zauberkollegen stört?

      When magicians settle for getting away with a trick. Lack of respect for the audience.

  2. Beyond Magic
    1. Welches Gebiet/Thema außerhalb der Zauberei fasziniert Sie am meisten?

      Music. I studied the classical guitar and the Baroque and Renaissance lute (Brocklautee) and also play several ancient instruments of the guitar family. I practice every day. Tennis, an amateur player but I take it seriously and enjoy studying the technique. I play a yearly match with Magic Christian, with varying results.

    2. Welche prominente Persönlichkeit würden Sie gerne einmal treffen?

      Vernon. Never met him but came close and I know many of his friends.

    3. Was war Ihr größter persönlicher Erfolg?

      To do what I like. I appreciate the long term recognition and success more than special moments. A moment that felt really good was one of my first lectures in the US, at Jay Marshall's Magic Inc. with seven or eight authors from my library sitting in front of me, cheering enthusiastically.